Adam Dib is a Los Angeles-based composer for film and television who creates evocative, adventurous, and eclectic music through the blend of acoustic and electronic elements, creating distinctive sonic identities for each story and world.


Adam is equally at home scoring for live action and animated projects with credits including award-winning short films Warm Regards (Directed by Daniel Dinh), Good Neighbor (Directed By Anna Brotman-Krass), and Scars (Directed By Xiwen Miao) with screenings held at the Berlin Flash Film Festival, Virginia Film Festival, and Central Michigan International Film Festival, to name a few. 


Adam is also a skilled orchestrator and arranger with experience working with a wide range of ensembles including symphony orchestra and jazz big band.  His work is featured in projects such as Axis Sally (Composer Kubilay Uner, starring Al Pacino), Sand and Snow (Composer Michael Kramer), and Force of Nature (starring Mel Gibson).  


During his career, Adam has had the pleasure to work and collaborate with many incredible composers and artists such as Marcelo Zarvos (The Affair, Ray Donovan), Nathan Wang (The Game Plan), Kubilay Uner (Axis Sally), Andrew M. Edwards (Camp Wedding), and Tomas Videla (Mission Late Bell).  Adam currently enjoys working with award-winning composer Michael Kramer on projects such as the newly released Healing Powers of Dude (Netflix), Ninjago, (Cartoon Network), and many more.  


Originally from Detroit, MI, Adam studied Jazz Saxophone Performance at Wayne State University, later moving to Chicago to pursue his masters in Music Composition for the Screen at Columbia College where he was awarded a Graduate Assistantship and the opportunity to collaborate with and study under composers Brandon Campbell, Peter Golub, and David Wingo.  


In August 2019, Adam was selected to participate in the Society of Composer and Lyricists Mentor Program, which brings together young composers and songwriters with leading professionals such as Jeff Russo, Allee Willis, and Christopher Farrell, to discuss the craft, art, and business of success in the music industry.